Sharing The Bounty

By Killian Barnhart
September 22, 2017 


Feeding our community one tree at a time.


We pick fruit from trees, and gardens that would otherwise not be picked. No more mess to clean up and no fruit going to waste! We pick orange, lemon, persimmon, apple, pomegranate, grape fruit, walnut, almond and pecan trees. We can't list everything that grows in our area here. We would run out of room! Call us, to pick the fruit from your tree 209-808-3375

           the Farm 

We are currently working on our first educational community farm . This will be a place to learn and have fun! We have already created several learning exhibits. Our exisiting exhibits include a composting exhibit, hugelkultur, green house, aquaphonics, ground water (with a well), vermiculture exhibit, food garden, fruit trees (soon we will have an orchard) hen house, and several farm animals including goats, sheep, pigs, peafowl (Peacock and peahen), quail, ducks, and rabbit.

Waste Not
By Copper Williams
December 1, 2017

     Food donation

We have provided food to The Stockton Emergency Food Bank, Helping Hands of Stockton, The Garden Acres Community Center, The Taft Community Center, Saint Mary's Dining Hall, San Joaquin County Delta College student food pantry, Grace an Mercy, and directly to the homeless in Stockton while helping the people at 209 Cares. All the food we pick from neighborhood trees goes to those in need

We are so proud of this. Melissa and Bridgette of FOX 40 did a wonderful job sharing what we do and why. 😊❤️ #feedthehungry #bethechange #preventwaste #Harvesterfarms #FoxNews

Posted by Harvester Farms on Monday, July 13, 2020


Bringing Fresh Fruit to those in need.

KXVS The Voice of Stockton interviewed us. Click the above link to watch, and listen.

FOX 40 News

By Melissa Deverell

July 13, 2020

San Joaquin Magazine - Waste Not

​​         Stockton-based Harvester Farms built to provide​    consumable resources, educate public in local history