This is a picture of our first hugelkulture. It will be a fun exhibit to learn at. Here you will learn a little about permaculture, compost, vermiculture and growing food.​ Hugelkulture's are very low maintenance and worth the trouble of building. We look forward to showing people this fun way to grow food.

We have bee hives on the farm and are in the process of building our exhibit. We will discuss the importance of pollinators to the various crops grown in our region as well as the various pollinators throughout the world. Soon we will put a web cam in one of our hives.


THe Farm

The farm is not open yet. It will be a fun place to learn about growing food, cultivating good soil through composting, ground water, pollination, aquaponics, green houses, and petting zoo. We will also teach about our communities connection to agriculture. We will of course feature a corn maze and pumpkin patch in the fall season and have other fun attractions such as a hay ride and fun planting and fruit and vegetable picking activities.

Vermiculture is fun, easy and very beneficial to your garden. If you have worms in your soil it is an indication that you have healthy soil. Worm farming (vermiculture) is way to take your soil to a whole another level and this exhibit will be a fun one to stop by on our farm.

Feeding our community one tree at a time.


Our aqua phonics  exhibit shows how a symbiotic relationship between fish, water and plants allows you to have a low maintenance and fun way to grow food with out soil.

This is our first green house. Green houses allow you to extend the growing season as well as get an early start. They allow you to do this by controlling the environment. We will share all the important things to remember when constructing your green house as well as best practices

Green House


We will how to prevent the waste of orange peals, bannana peals, apple cores, egg shells, cut grass, water melon rines, and more. The benefits of  composting are numerous. The soil and plants in your garden will thank you. We look forward to demonstrating this for our guest on the farm.