​Juana earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, from Sacramento State University. She has worked as a nutritionist for the past four years for San Joaquin assisting people who struggle with food security and hunger. She is currently working towards obtaining a Master’s Degree as a Public Health Educator. She is also bilingual (Spanish & English).  As a child she was raised in an agriculture/farm environment. Her family raises livestock (goats, chicken and other fowl. She is looking forward to her role as a board member for Harvester Farms. Juana will be instrumental in outreach to the Hispanic community and developing programs for Harvester Farms that addresses food literacy and nutritional education.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing soccer because she believes being active is another great way to stay healthy

Jennifer Terpstra is Professor of Animal Science at San Joaquin Delta College. She and her husband have a farm where they raise sheep. She is active on many boards regarding the agricultural industry and education and is involved with Future Farmers of America. Prior to teaching at the college level she taught Agriculture at the high school level. She and her husband donated our current Harvester Farms aqua phonics system as well as our sheep named "Jimmy". She has already been a great resource regarding best practices for the care of our livestock and will continue to be a great resource regarding advice on ideas for educational exhibits for the farm and future car of our livestock

Raquel Amador De Williams - Founder and photographer 

Team Members

Tina Candelo Mize is a Professor of Horticulture, and Plant and Soil Science at San Joaquin Delta College.  She has an Associate of Science (A.S.), Horticulture from San Joaquin Delta College, a Bachelors of Science, in Agriculture with option in crops and horticulture from CSU Chico College of Agriculture, and a Master of Science in Agricultural Education from California State University, Chico.

In addition to her experiences in horticultural and agricultural production and education, Tina has spent a number of years working in the non-profit sector on projects aimed at improving food security and access within local communities.

She will serve as a valuable resource, advising on best practices for our green house and farm planning and management, as well as advising on curriculum for school field trips to our farm.

​Andrew Kobylanski is a Professor of Business and Marketing at San Joaquin Delta College, prior to joining San Joaquin Delta College he taught business, and marketing and Penn State. 

Andrew is a passionate marketing professional and academic with 15+ years of experience in the USA, Poland, UK, and Vietnam. 
He devised and managed research projects in customer satisfaction; digital marketing; strategic marketing; international marketing and operational management. Additionally he was involved in consulting - marketing and branding campaigns (Penn State University), customers satisfaction projects (City’s Hospital); lead designer and manager of the SEM campaign (PSU GA), Overseeing SEM campaigns for the projects in the Google Online Marketing Challenge (2009 – 2013, total of 20 teams).  

He is a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from North Dakota University, and a Master of Science (M.S.) from the University of Agriculture and Technology, Olszytn, Poland with a major in Bio Engineering. 

​Andrzej advises Harvester Farms regarding our online presence, online marketing campaign strategies, fundraising, and was very instrumental with the design of our logo. 

Tina Candola Mize - Board Memeber

Elzo is a social entrepreneur and member of the San Joaquin County Hunger Task Force Committee. He and his wife have been married for twenty years and have four children, After twenty years working as a consultative account manager in telecommunications and as a finance and sales manager in the automotive industry he committed to changing directions.

In January of 2015 he moved to five acres located in the country to build a farm. In November of that same year with help from his wife, and daughter Adelynn he started picking fruit trees through out the community to feed the hungry. In 2016 he started working agricultural jobs and taking college courses with studies focused on Agricultural Business, Agricultural Science, and entrepreneurship  at San Joaquin Delta College where he is earning an associates degree in agricultural business and science.

He put together the very talented board of directors you see here on this page. He also created and maintains the organizations web site, and social media presence as well as conducting all of the public relations and community outreach. With the help of his wife Raquel and daughter Adelynn he has built all of the animal enclosures and educational exhibits. Every morning and evening is spent looking after the needs of the crops and livestock of the community farm 

​Feeding our community one tree at a time

​Raquel is bilingual as well as a skilled, professional photographer. although she has been a valuable asset providing Spanish translation and photography services, her greatest contribution has been her daily assistance on the farm. She helps with the farm animals every single day as well as helped with picking  many of the fruit trees we pick to feed the hungry.

Raquel has been married for 20 years to her husband Elzo and is a mother of four. She has worked in retail and is the owner of Capture Your Moments Photography. She is very involved with the Girl Scouts of America and has volunteered at the Homeless Shelter. 

Andrzej Kobylanski - Board Member

Jennifer Terpstra - Board Member

Elzo Williams - Founder and President

​Juana Paulina Cardona - Board Member